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Rare Commemorative coins.

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The Official Y2K Millenium Memorial CoinTM

This stunning coin was produced by the Official Y2K Millennium Memorial MintTM in 1999 for public distribution as a commemorative coin to mark the passing of the 20th century.  Featuring a bold relief Staute of Liberty on the Obverse, it proclaims the coin is one troy ounce of .999 fine silver.  The reverse shows the Official Y2K Millenium Memorial CoinTM in high relief set in a blazing background. Around the coin logo is a frosted track showing the Year 2000 at the top and the coin has a rare double date, 12/31/99 - 01/01/00 at the bottom.

This very unique and rare commemorative coin had only a very limited mint run, 100 pieces, and then the dies were destroyed. The reason for this is the misspelling of the word Millennium on the coin. When the error was discovered, mint production was halted. Some coins of the mint run were destroyed, and less than 40 of the coins are currently known to exist. Each has a Certificate of Authenticity with a serial number.

If you have one of these rare coins, and would like to authenticate it, please let us know, we would like to establish a list of all the coins currently in existence. Email us at Y2KCoin@us-coin-gallery.com



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