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Washington Quarter SIlver Roll Special 
90% Silver Coin Bargains

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Washington Quarter 90% SIlver coins to be listed on eBay.
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Great Roll!
Washington Quarters
1934 - 1964

Full Role of 90% silver Washington Quarters
40 Different Dates many with Mintmarks
This is a great bargain - a mini Collection
Includes Semi Key Dates and Key Date

Dates in this roll
Bold = Semi Key
Red Bold = Key

34P, 36P, 39P, 40P, 41P, 42P, 42D, 43P, 44P, 45P, 46P, 47P, 48P, 48D, 48S, 49P, 49D, 50D, 51P, 51D, 52P, 52D, 53D, 54P, 54D, 55P, 57P, 58P, 58D, 59P, 59D, 60P, 60D, 61P, 61D, 62D, 63P 63D, 64P, 64D

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Washington SIlver Quarter Roll 40 different dates   Washington SIlver Quarter Roll 40 different dates
Hi Res Obverse                  Hi Res Reverse

To be listed on eBay August 2011

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Washington 90% SIlver Quarter Roll Special Mini Collection