Stunning Ivory Emperor and Empress Figurines

Mammoth Chinese Legal Ivory Male and Female Rare Art

Figurines measure (Ivory Only) 41 CM high (16+ inches) mounted on a 4.5 CM teak base.

These figurines are believed to be 19th century ivory, based on family historical research and lore.

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Ivory female face side

 ivory female face side

Ivory female figurine center side

Chinese Ivory female

Female face side view ivory

female ivory face

ivory female  center side

ivory female lower view

Rare ivory male face

Ivory male emperor view

Ivory male center sword necklace

 ivory male rear view

 male ivory emporer face front

Ivory male face side view rare ivory

male emperor ivory figure center

Ivory Male Figurine rear view

NOW listed on eBay - click here for the listing!

Very large Ivory male and female Chines Emperor and Empress figurines.

Over 17" tall each. Rare, legal, antique mammoth size Ivory Art.

After some research and testing, I believe these figures are mold cast figurines made from a ground Ivory and resin mixture. I am not an expert in this field by any means and I have received a lot of feedback on these pieces from both eBay buyers on a previous listing and from other websites where I have listed the figurines for evaluation. If you expect these figurines to be carved Ivory, I do not belive they are, and please do not bid if you think they are. I make absolutely no representations as to their actual composition nor their manufacture. The Pictures are high resolution and speak for themselves. No Returns at all!  

These figurines were bought into the USA in the early 1920's and have been in continuous family possesion since that time. They are fully and completely in compliance with all applicable US Law regarding the importation and sale of Ivory. For sale in the USA only, per regulation and policy.
An affadavit of provenance can be provided, if desired.