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US Coin Gallery

Investment grade certified silver and gold coins and coin lots. 

Gold Eagles, silver eagles, rare date gold and silver, certified coins, state quarter series, and discount coin bargains for the collector.

US Mint sets, US Proof Sets, US Uncirculated coins and coin sets

Coin and silver or gold bullion investment programs for any budget.

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This is a great time to be buying coins! Collectible coins, silver and gold coins and bullion will skyrocket over the next decade from inflationary pressure of the recent Financial Bailouts.
December 2010 Projections; Silver: $22 Gold: $1480
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US Coin Gallery is located in SE Michigan and is an online only coin store.

We sell on eBay and list many coins directly from the site.

If you see anything during your visit you like , or have a question about, please contact us via the webmaster:


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